by The Palindrome Sequence



released January 17, 2012



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The Palindrome Sequence Eger, Hungary

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Track Name: The Illusionist
Your eyes are floating beetwen life and death

Still you have no place in the world

So many chance to take your motherfucking life

But you can’t find the way to die

Its just a dance with the devil, another dead end road

Your letter to the prince is just a new gallow

All the pills i swallowed, i puked them out

The rope i wanted to hang around, has ripped down

The knife and the razor cant cut the veins

i jumped out but i never reach the ground

It's just a dance with the devil!

life for me is a hide and seek

But death always wins

Because i never find him

Im hanging my foot into the space on the edge of the last planet

And im shouting imploringly: Where can i find you?!
Track Name: Don't Try To Raise To My Blind, Bitch!
You play with your value, you always bet it
The green monster moves the need
Push your soul into the middle of the table
While you're rubbing your sweaty palm

The friendship against the chief
You spit him on face, with a smile on your face, and you bite out his eye

Because it’s the mirror of the soul
Forces on sholuders, like on the balance
Their weight push you down, or fool you into

Trasnformed machines, programmed processes: Counting, Betting, Winning

At the end where there’s only barrened wasteland, bet your last cooper
Standing by the table looted by

Lay our head to rest, the hope keeps you always warm.
Think that: Shit can happen

But there’s a wizard, who’s separated by appreciation. Reclining upon emotions, that triggers the embarrassment. And it causes destruction, this is the only way to survive.
Track Name: (N)Everending Circle 3.14
Everybody was a motherfucker in their life. Vainly that the circle came to an end with him. Its expressed in the genetics and the child will be the same.

The cast has been written by god
Moves us like a marionette puppet.

Transcription is just a newer mistake writer proccess. And these mistakes are inheriatable.

Maybe this world has been existed once, when everything has happened, in the same way, step by step.

The Deja-vu feeling is an even occured.
Children of Edem and Eve were condemned for this.

The chance of choice is a fairtale because the runes have been already graved

We hide our dark secret, but the apprience of goodness is unnecessary, when we raise our child from his vomit, at the brink of the pit.

And now the world is waiting for the reedemer, in a dark moral veil.
Because this is the universe circulation.
Track Name: Dead Human Factory
Collecting experiences and searching the answer of the big question has separated us from the primitive era

As the mind developes, the evil forces infect it

The eradication has priority, and nothing can stop the massacre
The fear is multiplying, like an organism

They are painting the surface with the color of blood, like the sunset paints the horizon with red

I look into myself i feel no pity and regret, I’ll stand alone on the earth at the end.

The shelters have lost their function to hide
Because their gazing eyes can see everything
The thirst will be over by the blood and the tears of the bitterness

The disgust has come because of the humanity